Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council

This council could comprise young individuals who have a passion for community development, advocacy, and social change. Their insights would be valuable in shaping programs and initiatives that cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth, ensuring the Foundation remains relevant and impactful.

Council Members

Youth Health Care Council

Comprising healthcare professionals, experts, and advocates, this council would provide valuable guidance on healthcare-related initiatives and projects. They could help identify pressing health issues in communities, recommend health awareness campaigns, and ensure the Foundation’s efforts align with best practices in healthcare.

Council Members

Media and Communications Advisory Council

Comprised of professionals from the media, communications, and public relations fields, this council would offer strategic advice on how the Ronnie Mamoepa Foundation can effectively communicate its mission, activities, and impact to the public. They would help raise awareness about the Foundation’s work, attract potential partners, and engage stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Council Members